THE SUBTROPIC's Coffee Experiment

THE SUBTROPIC's Coffee Experiment

☕ Sustainability is deeply ingrained in THE SUBTROPIC's DNA. That's why we wanted to make a positive impact in the coffee industry.

☕ Our coffee is ethically sourced. Also, all packaging is biodegradable & part of the revenue generated goes to the World Coffee Research.

☕ Furthermore, the profits directly support our 4 eco-projects around the globe.

☕ We love coffee & demand that it is sustainably sourced from suppliers who care about our planet.

☕ Consequently, we thought we'd experiment in the coffee field with a small, local supplier.




🌰 Arabica coffee grows in the area of the world referred to as “The Coffee Belt,” located between the Tropic of Cancer & the Tropic of Capricorn. This area encompasses the sections of Africa, South America, Central America, and Asia where some of the world’s best coffees grow.

🌰 Within this section, there are two distinct climate types for Arabica coffee—equatorial, and subtropical.
🌰 The subtropical regions, at high altitudes of 16-24° (Illy, 21). Rainy and dry seasons must be well defined, and altitude must be between 1800-3600 feet. These conditions result in one coffee growing season and one maturation season, usually in the coldest part of autumn.

Our Origins

🌰 Brazilian Blend: Indulge in the smooth, nutty embrace of our Brazilian coffee, a delightful journey through caramel and cocoa richness.

🌰 Colombian Blend: Experience the rich, toasted allure of our Colombian coffee, with deep flavours reminiscent of chocolate and toasted almonds.

🌰 Guatemalan Blend: Immerse yourself in the bold, chocolatey depths of our Guatemalan coffee, with luscious notes of blackberries and jasmine dancing on the palate.

🌰 El Salvador Blend: Discover the hidden gem of El Salvador with our floral and fruity blend, offering a gentle, fragrant experience with captivating notes of honey and melon, embodying sweetness and balance in every sip.


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